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LegalTech offers a suite of cutting-edge IT support outsourcing solutions and services for businesses throughout Ireland, from large corporates to small startups, no matter the size, always maintaining the very best quality IT standards and services.

Most IT service providers react to issues after they have occurred, in a knee-jerk type fashion. Unfortunately, while they’re reacting to the situation, your business is already losing money, as you can’t operate your business until the issue is resolved. This also means you cannot accurately budget for your businesses IT requirements, as you never know how much reactive repairs could potentially add up to.

Fortunately for our clients, LegalTech is more than your typical IT company. Much more. Our approach is to pro-actively monitor and manage your subscribed IT services and infrastructure, so that issues can be dealt with before they cause your business any downtime.

GDPR Compliance

Ensure your Practice is fully GDPR complaint. In effect from 25th May 2018.

Secure Backup Solutions

Secure, encrypted & fully managed professional Online Backup Solutions.

Managed IT Security

Antivirus, Device Encryption, Ransomware & threat protection / prevention.

IT Managed Services

Expert IT Support, including Remote Access, Email and Onsite call-outs.

GDPR - are YOU compliant?

bright ideas for big issues

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is an important and mandatory regulatory framework, due to be introduced in May 2018. Failure to adhere to these new standards will result in various penalties and fines. LegalTech can offer guidance and solutions to ensure that your Practice is fully GDPR compliant..

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Your Benefits

why use managed it services?

By utilising LegalTech IT services and solutions, you can accurately plan your IT budget expenditure by providing you with a flat monthly or annual rate for each of your subscribed services, all of which can be easily scaled accordingly as your business grows.

Managing cash flow for your IT infrastructure will no longer be a headache, as each service will be clearly itemised at a set agreed rate. Each billing-period you will receive a predictable, single invoice from LegalTech that covers all of your IT requirements. No longer will you need to trawl through numerous providers and complex processes to get a quick resolution to your technical issue –  LegalTech gets you back to work, quickly.

Control IT Costs

Outsourcing your IT department converts fixed IT costs into variable costs and allows you budget effectively. In other words, only pay for what IT services and solutions you wish to use, when you need to use them.

Reduce Labor Costs

Hiring and training an IT staff can be very expensive, and temporary employees don’t always live up to your expectations. Outsourcing lets you focus your human resources where you need them most.

Increased Efficiency

Organizations that try to do all IT Services in-house themselves can have much higher research, development, and implementation time, all of which increase costs and are ultimately passed on to customers.

Core Business Focus

Businesses have limited resources, and every manager has limited time and attention. Outsourcing can help your business stay focused on your core business and not get distracted by complex IT decisions.

Secure Backup Solutions

safe, secure and realible backup solutions

Electronic data is probably the single most important element of any successful business, big or small, and failure to protect your information from accidental loss, deletion and/or theft can prove extremely detrimental and crippling to your business activities. LegalTech offers cost-effective Backup Solutions, using industry leading technologies to backup your data, both locally and in the Cloud..

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IT Security Services

security threat prevention, protection and resolution

With the vast array of technological viral threats now rampant throughout all sectors and industries, it is now more essential than ever to deploy a secure, structured IT Security plan to protect your businesses data and identify, as well as your clients. Don’t just become another Ransomware statistic, get protected…. get safe…

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About LegalTech

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LegalTech Ltd. has earned a reputation as a premier IT services provider for Irelands’ legal industry, supplying Barristers and Solicitors throughout the country with proven, cost effective technology solutions, such as GDPR Compliancy, Secure Online Backup, IT Security and multiple IT Support infrastructures.

We are partnered with a host of technology industry leaders, such as Microsoft, CompTIAAcronis, Bitdefender, Olympus and ConnectWise to name but a few, which in-turn enables our experienced sales and support personnel to provide our clients the very best solutions currently available.

In this extremely fast-paced and evolving industry, we are continually reviewing our IT services and products catalog, proactively upgrading and updating as necessary, thus striving to provide the latest, most comprehensive IT support available during any given period.

Sometimes support via remote access, phone or email cannot resolve a problem, thus with our official LegalTech offices located in the heart of Smithfield, Dublin 7, our support staff can provide lightening quick response times should our clients in the Law Library, King’s Inns or Law Society require on-site assistance for a technical issue.

Contact us today on {01} 531-1719 to see what we can do for your business…

Olympus Digital Dictation

digital dictation & Transcription kits

LegalTech supplies Olympus Professional Digital Dictation solutions to Ireland’s Legal industry, providing a complete range of Olympus Dictation products, expert training and maintenance services. Olympus Professional Digital Dictation equipment offers powerful, secure and reliable dictation systems, from transcribing depositions to taking case notes. Olympus Professional Dictation Systems are perfect for optimizing work-flows of Barristers, Solicitors, Judges, Notaries and Patent Specialists.

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