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We offer exclusive IT Support Plans to our clients, ranging from basic entry-level to fully complete and comprehensive support plans. Should you wish to discuss any of support packages with us, please call {01} 531-1719 or email support@legaltech.ie to chat to a support representative.

IT Support Plans


Plans Features Explained


Remote & Email IT Support
We utilise cutting-edge, secure Remote Administration software to remotely connect to your computer systems in the event that you require IT support. Using this software, our experienced technicians can quickly diagnose and repair your system with minimal downtime to you and your business.

Should you experience a problem with your computer, our technicians are only a quick email away. They can best advise you on your specific issue and even instigate a remote session if required.

  • Priority Remote & Email IT Support
Priority Onsite Support

In the rare event that we cannot resolve a computer issue via email or a remote session (due to hardware failure or an Internet outage, for example), we can arrange for a support technician to visit your location and physically remedy the issue.

Advanced System Security
Your computer systems and contained data will be fully protected by our industry-leading managed Security and Antivirus solution.

  • Full Hard Drive Encryption
  • Anti-Ransomware & Antivirus Protection
  • Network Defence
  • Advanced Firewall
  • Scheduled System Scans
  • Automated Definition Updates
Proactive Maintenance

Proactive Maintenance essentially means your computer systems will periodically send a ‘heartbeat’ back to our servers to report the status and health of core system processes and services. Should an alert be generated by a failing element, our technicians can quickly resolve the issue remotely and clear the cause of the alert. We can also utilise special automated scripts to perform specific maintenance tasks in order to keep your systems running at optimal performance.

Update Management

Update Management is essentially a service in which your computer systems are routinely and automatically updated with the latest security and optimisation patches in order to keep your computers secure and operating smoothly. Monthly roll-outs, emergency patches and major Operating System releases are all included in the update schedule.

Cloud Data Backup

Our Cloud Data Backup solution automatically backups up your computer system to the Cloud, creating an encrypted copy of your important data that can be remotely restored in an instant. Full system images or selected individual data options are supported.

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