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Managed Cloud Backup

A GDPR-compliant, Secure, Encrypted, Cloud-based Backup Solution, specifically tailored for Barristers, Solicitors and the Legal industry in general.
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Managed cloud backup

how does cloud backup work?

Many businesses lose their precious data because they simply do not utilise any form of back up routine. They report that doing so is too time-consuming, expensive and requires specific expertise they simply do not possess. Historically, such complaints were somewhat justified – until now.

Easy-to-start, safe, secure, cost-effective cloud-based data protection is here. LegalTech Managed Backup is a backup-as-a-service solution that delivers advanced backup services, packaged and priced specifically for Barristers and Solicitors throughout Ireland.

Data security begins with the solution itself. For our Managed Backup solution, that means you can rely on an integrated, machine-learning-based self-defence, which guards against zero-day ransomware attacks. This self-protection mechanism keeps your data, and all backup files protected from ransomware – even those strains that have never been seen before. Meanwhile, enterprise-grade encryption defends your data in-transit and at rest.

Cloud backup is a cloud-based application, which provides you with the ability to automatically backup your files, applications, virtual machines or servers and store them safely for disaster recovery purposes. Cloud Backup is an insurance for your data and business continuity.

Cloud backup is typically built around a local client application that runs on a, ideally multiple times daily, automatic schedule in the background. The application collects, compresses, encrypts and transfers data to the service provider’s servers. To reduce the amount of bandwidth consumed and the time it takes to transfer files, the service switches to use incremental backups after the initial full backup.

The primary data resides in the original location, whereas secondary stored data is safely stored to the cloud, to be used for data recovery. The cloud backup solution stores all data with a custom retention policy, so you can repair corrupted files by restoring earlier versions of a file. Professional cloud backup solutions comprise special plugins to back up data from third party applications (e.g. MS Outlook, Exchange, SQL).

Benefits of cloud backup

why you should consider using cloud backup


The convenience offered by Cloud Backup is indisputable. Backups are automated — once configured, information is saved automatically as it streams in. You don’t have to proactively save, label, and track information. Rather, the convenience of Cloud Backup allows you to concentrate on your work without worrying about data loss.

Limit Downtime

Business continuity, in the context of data backup, means that in the event of a disaster, cyber-attack, human error, etc., a business will never lose access to their critical data. In the data backup industry, the lack of access to business critical data is referred to as downtime. Cloud backup alleviates potential downtime by enabling off-site access to your data from anywhere.


Cloud Backup can be less expensive than the cost of tape drives, servers, or other hardware and software elements necessary to perform backups, including the media on which the backups are stored, the transportation of media to a remote location for safekeeping and the IT labour required to manage and troubleshoot backup systems.

Ease of Recovery

Multiple levels of redundancy means that your Cloud backup retains multiple copies of your data. The more copies you have stored the better, because each level ensures that your data is safeguarded against loss as much as possible, allowing you to access a backed-up version of your data if it ever gets lost.

Scale-up on Demand

When data is hosted locally, it can be a struggle to upgrade or add additional storage. This is also often expensive and many companies will choose to delete things they think they need the least to save resources. By storing your data in the Cloud, it is much easier, quicker and cheaper to scale up the level of storage to meet your growing requirements.

Safe & Secure

Because your data is stored in the Cloud, you are not subject to the typical threats of hackers, natural disasters and user error. In fact, data that is stored in the Cloud is also encrypted, which further minimises the risks your data can incur. Having your data encrypted will also assist in making your business GDPR compliant.

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Managed Security

Pair-up your Managed Backup plan with our Managed Security service for the ultimate in data protection. Our security service protects your vital systems from Viruses, Malware, Ransomware, Phishing and much more. 

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